Florida Business Retreats

Where You Recieve Undivided Attention to Succeed

Palm Island Resort is a perfect place for your next meeting. Whether planning your unveiling your winning strategy, saying thank you for a job well done or building camaraderie for an attitude of teamwork, your small meeting is big business to our staff of experienced professionals.conferencecenter.jpg

Set amid white sandy beaches and lush tropical foliage, there are few meeting spots that compare with our ambiance.  Due to our size, you will most likely be the only group visiting us at the time and will not have to compete with other or larger groups for attention, service or facilities.  You will get our undivided attention. And you will capture the undivided attention of your attendees by not competing with the distraction common to mainland venues.

Our event planner can organize a wide range of associated events on the island or nearby. Several choices may assist to engender team spirit by arranging golf, tennis and fishing tournaments. Permit us in arranging for teambuilding activities inherit to the Resort’s recreational opportunities. We would also be please to assist with eco-tourism and educational outings of interest. A well balanced agenda to ensure productivity in attaining your goals will be our mission.


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